Maison Chic

Inspired Interiors

Maison Chic ~ French inspired, vintage home decor ~ celebrating the beauty found in vintage timeworn treasures. We embrace the illustrious imperfections, the re-purposed, and the story behind each piece.

At Maison Chic, we'd like you to experience the beauty in the items we have carefully selected for you. Whether you're fervently searching to fill your home with timeless finds or for just that one special, unique piece to make a statement in your home ~ we'd like Maison Chic to be your ultimate source for all your home decor needs!


Our Story

                                                                             Celebrating our ribbon cutting ceremony!

                                                                          Celebrating our ribbon cutting ceremony!

Being a real estate broker for more than 20 years has been very rewarding and fulfilling.  In the ever-changing landscape of the real estate industry, staying abreast of current market trends, and the needs of my clients have always been my areas of primary focus.

More than a decade ago, when other brokers began outsourcing the home staging needs of their clients, I dove in and served my clients in that capacity and continue to offer this valuable service. In fact, many of my clients who hired me to sell their home and help them purchase their next home, reached out to me asking if I would help them style and decorate their new home.

Incorporating my love of design, vintage home decor, and home styling is a natural extension of my real estate business ~ hence, Maison Chic was born!